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30 days meditation challenge for children

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30 days meditation challenge for kids children calendar yogakiddy Printable PDF Calendar "30 days of meditation with your children".
Meditate is "pay attention to". An act that sounds so easy when you read it, but due to the constant overstimulation to which we are exposed, taking a moment to "meditate" can become something very distant and difficult.

In fact, today we are constantly solicited by: phone, internet, social networks, text messages, notifications, calls, activities, obligations, thoughts that surround us, the famous "we must ... "

We do several things at the same time and we move from one activity to another without even realizing it. Children are not spared from this phenomenon. Moreover, neuroscience researchers have shown that this has an impact on our ability to concentrate.

Meditating, therefore, allows your brain to calm down by focusing your attention on the present moment.

The effects of this practice are incredible, as meditation alone allows to be smarter (strengthens concentration, improves memory, stimulates creativity), to live longer (helps to delay cellular aging) and to be happier (allows the release of the hormones of well-being: serotonin, dopamine, endorphin, allows to drive away unpleasant emotions and learn to focus on the positive).

Today in days of quarantine and given that the vast majority are at home with their little ones, we want to share with you an activity to initiate our children in meditation (or perhaps for ourselves), through simple activities that can be done (ideally) as a family.

Every day, together with your child(ren), you should focus your attention on something very simple. For this, we have prepared a calendar that you can download below or perhaps you can create your own ;-)

Before starting, the ideal is to establish a time of day. It can be when you wake up, or after brushing your teeth, or after breakfast, etc. Set a schedule that you can keep for the next 30 days. We recommend using an hourglass or an alarm clock so as not to generate anxiety about how much time is left to finish and start with 2 minutes, then 3, 4 or 5. The goal is to make it a moment of enjoyment and awareness.

After finishing this moment of meditation or contemplation, they can share what each one felt or talk about it at the end of the day, so that during the day we can have personal reflections on the experience. The important thing is that, either immediately or during the day, there is this exchange of sensations, as it will open a completely different door of conversation and connection in our family.

In the calendar that we share with you, we leave each day with a blank circle so that you can color it once the activity is finished or draw something that will allow you to remember the activity that has been done.

We hope that this activity will give you beautiful moments with your children and that it will be the beginning of a path of great discoveries and above all, of learning to contemplate with love the little things that are part of our daily life.

A hug, Carmen 🙏

Introduce your children to yoga in a fun way.
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